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Loadout Update [2023/Q3]

Published: September 21, 2023 (10 min read)

Welcome, to the first ever Loadout Update. In keeping with the Sci-fi RPG theme these updates will cover any updates to the Elysium’s loadout. I’m still not sure if I’m the ship or the captain of the ship, but we’ll figure it out as we go!

Big thanks to Julian Lehr for their Inventory Update posts and Jacob Pretorius for his Everyday Stack Updates that inspired me to emulate the same format.

Let’s get into it. I plan on splitting these updates into three sections: Equipped, Unequipped, and Field Testing. For this first update the “Equipped” section will be rather long so I’ll also add a “Newly Equipped” section to distinguish recent changes.




Newly Equipped


Field Testing

That’s it for the Elysium’s 2023 Q3 loadout update. Whether I’m captaining the ship or am the ship, I’m navigating the digital seas with some top-notch gear and software. There are a few items I’m testing out, some long-time companions, and even a couple of newcomers. As the quarters roll on, expect to see more shifts in the line-up as technology evolves and as my needs change. Who knows, the next quarter might just see some game-changing additions or heartbreaking goodbyes.

Until then, may your tech serve you well and your upgrades be plentiful. Stay tuned for the next loadout update. Safe travels through the digital cosmos!


Updated: May 6, 2024