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Maintaining Averages: A Healthier Alternative to Streaks

Published: September 25, 2023 (1 min read)
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I don’t like streaks, they stress me out. Sometimes circumstances prevent you from doing the thing and breaking a streak tends to send me into a downward spiral. It is very demotivating for me to start again after breaking a streak. When I broke my 3x per week jogging streak after 50 weeks it took me almost three years to start the streak up again.

Maintaining averages is a much healthier approach to habit upkeep in my opinion. If you miss a day, you do a few extra over the next couple of days to get the average up. Or if you know you won’t be able to complete a habit the next day, do a few extra today. This obviously doesn’t work for all goals but is excellent for goals that have repetitions or numbers as targets, e.g. “Do 30 push ups every day”, “Write 500 words every day”, etc.

Updated: May 6, 2024